How to Layer Your Jewelry

How to Layer your jewelry - Jewelry layering tips for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to help you achieve a fabulous jewelry look

Have you ever looked at someone else’s jewelry stack and dreamed of having that skill? That special power that enables you to create a cohesive look with all kinds of pieces? If you’re nodding your head yes, then you’re in the right place. Maybe you have a jewelry box full of pieces you don’t quite know how to pair together, or you’re ready to invest in a whole new collection — wherever you fall on the spectrum, I’ve got some tips to help you master the art of layering!


Look at Lengths

Start with shorter, more delicate necklaces on top and get progressively longer and heavier on your way down. I suggest starting with chain lengths of 16 inches and 18 inches, then dropping down to a longer piece somewhere in the 20-24-inch range.

The Small Aurora Necklace, Borealis Necklace, and Tiny Fragment Diamond Necklace are great for those shorter, minimalist styles. The Large Helios Necklace and Prism Lariat are perfect options for that longer statement piece.

Choose a Centerpiece

Find that one statement necklace you’re in love with, and arrange the rest of your pieces around it. Consider whether you want to mix or match metal types and if you want to incorporate different types of gemstones or cuts. You might be surprised at all the gorgeous combinations you can make with just one jumping-off point!

Layered Vermeil and gold necklaces by Corey Egan

Experiment With Texture

Chains are a great way to create contrast in your neckline layers. Style pendants on basic cable or curb chains, then add in more dynamic styles like an elongated link paperclip or rope chain to create interest.

Personally, I like to pair classics like an Aurora Pendant or an Initial Pendant with styles that are more organic or edgy — think, the Crystal Fragment Pendant or Large Lucia Necklace.

Combine Fashion + Fine

It’s a myth that you can’t wear fashion jewelry and fine jewelry together. I love mixing solid gold and gold vermeil pieces, especially when I’m going for a luxe look. So, go ahead and pull that costume jewelry out of your jewelry box or choose a vermeil statement necklace and wear it with your favorite fine piece, like a diamond necklace

Make It About Meaning

Do you wear an heirloom necklace or a special gift as an everyday accessory? Think about what it means to you and consider jewelry that complements that sentimental side. For example, your favorite birthday present may pair well with a birthstone necklace. Or try out your grandmother’s locket with an initial pendant that signifies your family name. There are tons of ways to give jewelry added meaning.


Scale Down as You Go Up

For multiple piercings on a lobe, aim for a bigger earring closer to your face, and then scale down as you climb up the ear. I like to wear a pair of hoops or a dangling drop earring on my lobe and petite studs in my second piercing. The Aurora Diamond Studs, Micro Fragment Studs, and Denali Hoops might be just the mix you’re looking for.

Stack on the Sparkle

Sporting a pair of diamond or gemstone studs alongside an all-metal style is an easy way to play with texture. It also helps elevate a classic solitaire stud and gives it an edgier look. My Rise StudsAspen Studs, and Micro Fragment Studs would do the trick.

Get Artsy With Asymmetry

Who says you have to wear matching earrings? Certainly not me! Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different earring on each lobe. You might be surprised by the result. Here are a couple of petite ones to play with: Tiny Fragment Studs, Small Lucia Diamond Studs.


Go Big With Balance

Statement rings don’t need to be worn solo. You can balance them out with ring stacks on other fingers. I like to slide a statement ring onto my center finger, then stack smaller bands on the others. Here are a popular statement and stacker for your viewing pleasure: Soleil Signet, Lassen Band.

Mix Your Metals

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to one metal type. Incorporating mixed metal styles like a Silver and Gold Cleo Ring allows you to style a wider range of pieces in your collection.

Play With Color

I think gemstones and diamonds look great together, and if you’re drawn to color like I am, don’t be afraid to wear a gemstone piece next to your engagement ring. The white hue of the diamond will create the perfect contrast to help the colorful gemstone shine. You might like the Emerald Astra Ring or Cleo Ring.


Make It an Arm Party

Stack up cuffs, chains, and link bracelets to invite variety into your look. The mix of textures and shapes will play off each other and create an interesting visual. I love pairing pieces like the Thin Denali Bangle with a sleek and smooth Aura Bangle. For larger bracelets and cuffs, 3-5 pieces will create an eye-catching wrist stack.

Consider Proportion

When stacking bracelets, try to take up no more than one-third of your forearm. You don’t want to weigh down your arms too much, and one-third is more than enough to make a statement. The Thin Bronze Denali Bangle is a great option to keep your wrist stack slim.

Perfect Your Positioning

If you’re stacking snug-fitting pieces like watches or tight cuffs, I suggest positioning them closer to your wrist, then stacking looser bangles, wraps, or link bracelets like the Lucia Link Bracelet behind that.

Have any specific layering questions? I’d love to help out! Feel free to contact me here.

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