Anatomy of a Diamond

Anatomy of a Diamond by Corey Egan

To understand the components of a diamond’s shape, It's helpful to get to know it's parts. Below are the terms used to describe a gem's anatomy.

Anatomy of a Diamond by Corey Egan


A flat plane on the surface of a gem created by cutting and polishing.


The very top facet of a diamond is known as it’s table. It is the largest facet on the gem which allows us to see through it down into the gem below.


The upper facets from the girdle to the table make up the crown.


The girdle is widest part of the gem, where the crown on top meets the pavilion below.


The lower facets which compose the underbelly of a gem are known as the pavilion.


The very tip of a gem is called the culet. This tip can come to a point, or be finished off with a single facet.

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