Corey Egan jewelry is forged, designed, sculpted, and set in Berkeley, California.
Hi, I'm Corey

Corey Egan Jewelry, my namesake line, is a collection of fine sterling silver, gold, and gemstone pieces filled with personality. I design my jewelry to feel cheerful and elegant, but ultimately, I want it to feel like a reflection of you. My hope is that you’ll assign personal meaning to the pieces you choose. They should become shiny representations of the experiences, memories, accomplishments, and dreams that make you who you are. 

Want to discover your specific jewelry personality? 

Jewelry-Making Is an Art, Which Makes You a Collector

My design process starts with inspiration from lights, shadows, textures, and geometric silhouettes. Sitting at my workbench, I explore organic shapes and texture-driven techniques to enhance the natural beauty of each gemstone. My jewelry-making methods include:

- The sculptural process of lost wax casting. 
- The intentional lines of hand engraving. 
- The thoughtful construction of fabrication. 

I incorporate these personal marks to give my collectors a sense of connection to me and the methodical artistic process behind the crafting of their piece.

Fine Jewelry Should Start a Conversation

Corey Egan is rooted in a few key beliefs, which I think many of my collectors share: 

No. 1 The things we own and consume should be thoughtful and purposeful. 

No. 2 Individuality should be cherished and celebrated. 

No. 3 Small details matter; we can leave a mark on the world with the little choices we make. 

It’s from this perspective that I choose to create wearable works of art imbued with intentional details and personal meaning. My goal is for you to feel empowered when you wear the pieces that speak to you. And if you get a few compliments along the way, that’s simply a bonus.

Consciously Making One Good Decision at a TimE

Responsible mining practices for gems and precious metals are essential to running a sustainable jewelry business. That’s why I design with recycled (post-consumer) precious metals and antique diamonds. For other gemstones, I ethically source whenever possible.

Corey Egan Is a Certified California Green Business 

Beyond materials, I make sustainable, impactful choices for everything my studio uses and consumes. From recycling precious metal scraps to selecting non-toxic cleaning products, each and every decision is guided by my goal to lessen the jewelry industry’s negative impact on the environment.

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We welcome visitors to the studio by appointment only. Plan your trip to shop from our in-stock collection.

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I’m Corey, the jeweler and designer behind my namesake brand. As a long-time jewelry designer, I love the process of sculpting, engraving, and setting everything by hand. Through my exploration of texture-driven techniques and organic shapes, I hope you can feel my passionate energy and intention behind every piece. 

When I'm not crafting new designs, you'll find me setting stones and hand engraving our signature pieces.


Lead Jeweler

As lead jeweler, Cera has her hands on nearly every piece that comes through the Corey Egan studio. She handles the fabrication, soldering and assembly of our entire core collection. Cera also performs the stone setting in many of these pieces.

She is currently obsessed with matcha from our neighbors at Third Culture and adores her new cat, Mabel.


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