Corey Egan in her Berkeley Studio

I’m Corey Egan and I create hand carved, wearable works of art filled with personality that you can enjoy for generations. I'm fueled by the belief that the things we own should be thoughtfully crafted to tell our stories.

The right jewelry is a powerful way to express yourself everyday. When you clasp one of my textured, geometric necklaces behind your neck, or slide on an edgy ring inspired by nature, you’ll feel ready to take on the world. Dreaming up eclectic pieces that fit seamlessly into your daily life is what I’m all about.

When I design a collection, I start with my core hope - that these pieces will help my customers feel equal parts beautiful, edgy, and entirely individual. I focus on bringing that philosophy to life in each design I create. My work is pretty, sure, but it’s also fierce, bold, and timeless. Just like you.

I know that when you choose Corey Egan jewelry, you’re choosing pieces that will stand the test of time. Pieces that will come to stitch themselves into the patchwork of your life’s stories. You could be wearing my necklace when you get engaged, or my earrings could grace your ears the day you get the big promotion. My cuff could be part of your parents’ 50th anniversary celebration. That, to me, is the greatest honor.

Every collection is thoughtfully crafted from my studio in Berkeley. It is here that the idea of beautiful, wearable design blends with the inspirations I gather from my life in the Bay Area. A love of texture, color, and shape intersect with my jewelry-making passion to form pieces that are edgy yet elegant.

I remind myself that every piece I create will weave its own narrative. Attention to each detail in the creation process develops a rich foundation for this story, but understanding there’s more in store for the jewelry is important, too. Because my jewelry will be forged, sculpted, and set by me; but it will be worn, loved, and lived in by you.

Let my jewelry become part of your story. 

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