Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks

Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks

Do you style your jewelry the same way you style your clothes? 

Hi! I'm Cera. If you don't know me already, I am Corey's right hand gal at the bench, working on the production side of many pieces in her collection. With so much jewelry passing through my hands every day, I realized that I don't often change up the jewelry I wear day to day! 

I took up this exercise to take advantage of all the different ways I can style jewelry to make me feel excited about my day, no matter what I'm doing or what clothes I'm wearing! Not only did I get to take some of my favorite pieces from the collection out for a spin, but I even found some new staples along the way.  


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks, Day 1: Silver Cuff, Lariat, Hoops and a moss aquamarine statement ring


  1. Prism Lariat in Silver
  2. Silver Ebb Cuff
  3. Silver Small Helios Hoops
  4. Moss Aquamarine Silver and Gold Cleo Ring
  5. Astra Silver Signet Ring with Engraved Block Letter
  6. Silver Micro Fragment Studs

On Saturday, I met up for lunch and a visit to the De Young’s exhibition of Alice Neel’s paintings with my art critic friend.  I enjoyed considering an outfit to wear while we wandered around the paintings, and the pieces I chose felt sculptural and dynamic - a reflection of my surroundings! Although I don’t often wear large cuffs, the Ebb Cuff was my favorite statement piece I wore this week.

A picture of Cera on Day 1 of her 7 Days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 2: London Blue topaz Theia necklace, Vermeil Lucia small dangle earrings and large necklace, and rose cut diamond studs


  1. London Blue Topaz Theia Necklace
  2. Large Lucia Diamond Vermeil Necklace 
  3. Small Lucia Diamond Earrings in Vermeil 
  4. Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Studs

Running errands around the city landed me in North Beach, one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. Between an afternoon stopping into City Lights Bookstore and some vintage shops, I grabbed a drink at Vesuvio’s. I love this colorful blue jumpsuit I recently found secondhand, and I thought it paired perfectly with the London Blue Topaz Theia necklace.

A picture of Cera on Day 2: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 3: Large Helios Hoop earrings in vermeil, gold curb chain, and vermeil and diamond luminous bar necklace

  1. Large Helios Hoops in Vermeil 
  2. Luminous Bar Necklace in Vermeil 
  3. Yellow Gold Curb Chain

I had a girl’s Monday movie night to see a screening of a cinematic classic - “Josie and the Pussycats”. I decided to pile on some gold pieces to go with my pink jacket - and matching cat ears! The Large Helios Hoops were really comfortable all night, and throwing on a gold chain was an effortless way to add some layers without looking too busy. 

A picture of Cera on Day 3: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 3: Sterling silver Lucia large necklace and small satuds

  1. Large Lucia Necklace in Sterling Silver
  2. Small Lucia Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

A day in the studio meant I didn't have a lot to get dressed up for, but I don’t feel like myself if I don’t have a few everyday staple pieces on. My favorite pieces to make are the Lucias, and I love the Large Lucia necklace in particular. It feels like a powerful little medallion when I wear it, and the small studs are just the right size. 

A picture of Cera on Day 4: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 5: Sterling silver double flame dangle earrings, Montana sapphire silver aurora necklace and Large silver Lucia necklace
  1. Double Flame Dangles in Sterling Silver
  2. Small Aurora Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver
  3. Large Lucia Necklace in Sterling Silver

Wednesday was a day I spent working from home! I kept on the Large Lucia Necklace for another day, but also decided to take one of our new Small Aurora Pendants for a spin as well. I enjoyed the Double Flame Dangles that added a little extra movement to a classic stud.

A picture of Cera on Day 5: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 6: Thin silver denali bangle, a silver engraved initial necklace, and tiny fragment stud earrings
  1. Silver Tiny Fragment Studs
  2. Initial Pendant with Engraved Script Letter
  3. Silver Rolo Chain 
  4. Thin Silver Denali Bangle

Thursday I went to work, and afterward spent the evening at an Open Mic at my neighborhood coffee shop. I kept it simple and silver again today, and opted for some Fragment studs and an Initial Pendant to go with my turtleneck! 

A picture of Cera on Day 6: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


Cera's 7 Days of Jewelry Looks - Day 7: Gold Oval Aurora Necklace layered with a gold and diamond borealis station necklace, gold dangles and salt and pepper diamond ring and studs
  1. Oval Aurora Necklace with Step Nouveau Diamond
  2. Borealis Necklace in Yellow Gold
  3. Gold and Diamond Nimbus Dangles
  4. Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Studs
  5. Astra Gold Ring with Salt & Pepper Diamond  

I went on a casual Friday date night, where I thought I’d brighten up my basic black tank with some engraved gold and diamonds. I love how the Borealis Necklace layers with any pendant, and the Nimbus Dangles had the perfect sparkle. 

A picture of Cera on Day 7: Cera's 7 days of Jewelry Looks


I hope you enjoyed following along and feel inspired to pull out some of your own favorite pieces! 

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