Comparing Men's Wedding Band Widths

March 03, 2017

Comparing Mens Wedding Band Widths by Millimeter by Corey Egan

Today I’d like to shed some light on a question you might have about your future wedding band: How wide do you go?

Every wedding band I create is offered from 2mm up to 7mm (or more) in width. While this provides a plethora of options for customizing your wedding band, it might be hard to envision the difference a millimeter or two will make when it comes to the actual look of your wedding ring.

So today I'd like to illustrate the visual differences between rings of different widths. In addition to the excellent side-by-side photo you see below, I’ve enlisted a friend to model the Muir Half Round Band on his hand.

A Visual Comparison of Wedding Band Widths by Millimeter by Corey Egan

Thinner Bands


2 and 3 millimeter width bands tend to look more delicate in relation to the size of the hand. Our model Charles has a medium sized hand with a size 8 finger, and as you can see they don't pack a big visual punch.

2mm Muir Band on Hand
3mm Muir Band On Hand

Admittedly, this tends to make them less popular among my shoppers unless they're paired with other rings. But they are great options for those who worry about a wide band feeling uncomfortable, or for those with a smaller budget that want a real precious metal ring.


Wider Bands


The most common widths for mens bands range between 4 millimeters and 6 millimeters. These sizes offer a substantial visual impact while still offering a comfortable range of motion. If you desire a ring that makes even more of a statement, you can opt for the 7mm width or larger by request.

4mm Muir Band on Hand
5mm Muir Band on Hand
6mm Muir Band on Hand

7mm Muir Band on Hand


There's no wrong answer for choosing a band width. Pick the one that suits you! Comfort and budget are big factors in the wedding band world, so I recommend choosing a ring that won't break the bank but is nicely balanced with the look you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

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Finger Shape & Fit


You may notice that our model has a finger shape which is wider at the knuckle than it is at the palm. While this is a common finger shape, it can sometimes make finding the correct ring size a little tricky.

To help, I wrote this article on how to find the correct wedding band fit. I hope you’ll take a moment to read that too!

How Should Your Wedding Band Fit? by Corey Egan


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Comparing Mens Wedding Band Widths by Corey Egan