Creating the Perfect In-Home Art Studio with Redfin

Experts reveal their tips for creating an in-home art studio on the Redfin Blog

Redfin might know better than anyone just how flexible we've been asking our homes to be. If your realtor had a magic wand, what would you ask them for?

You might desire workout space for your new Peloton. A deck to enjoy more time outdoors. Big windows for your burgeoning houseplant collection (guilty!) If I had to guess, the top request is probably a room with a door that closes for peace and quiet on zoom. 

One trend I love seeing is how folks are getting in touch with their creative side. As you discover these new hobbies at home, you may want to set up space to work. Somewhere you can spread out, get a little messy, and indulge when the muse hits. 

I was honored that Redfin reached out to me for my best tip to create a functional in-home art studio. They gathered some incredible insights from artists across all media. Read them now! I hope you find inspiration to make your in-home studio a true creative oasis. 

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