Crystal Fragment Necklaces

The Crystal Fragment Diamond Necklace was made to show off your sparkle. This contemporary faceted pendant glints every way it moves, set with a diamond for that extra bit of brilliance. This pendant feels like a lucky charm around your neck, helping you feel grounded with its comfortable shape. I think these make a great gift as a pair - for you and your mom, your sister, or your best friend - to hold as a gleaming token connecting each other, near or far.


Sterling Silver Crystal Fragment necklace around the neck
Sterling Silver Crystal Fragment Necklace with a diamond around the neck


Vermeil Crystal Fragment Necklace around a neck
Vermeil Crystal Fragment Necklace with a Diamond around a neck

Yellow Gold

14k yellow Gold Crystal Fragment Necklace around a neck
14K Yellow Gold Crystal Fragment Pendant with Oxidized Silver Chain on a neck

About the Author

As a long-time jewelry designer, I love the process of sculpting, engraving, and setting everything by hand. Through my exploration of texture-driven techniques and organic shapes, I hope you can feel my passionate energy and intention behind every piece.

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About the Jewelry

Inspired by organic silhouettes, textures, light, and shadows for the collector with an eye for natural beauty.

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About the Studio

Every piece is dreamed up and brought to life in my sunny Berkeley, California studio! You’re welcome to make an appointment to do a little in-person shopping and try things on.

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