Helios Necklaces Live Try-On

I LOVE the Large Helios Necklace. Why? Because she's FUN. She's uncomplicated. She doesn't take a second thought to toss on and she's big enough to attract some attention (and garner some compliments!) everywhere you go. 

An extra long chain makes it fun to layer over high necklines, especially during sweater weather. And the design is double-sided. So if it flips or twists as you wear it, no problem. It's always putting its best face forward. Simple, fun, easy-peasy. Watch me try it on in the video above. 

Large Helios Necklace

Vermeil Long Necklace with Oblong Large Helios Pendant

in 14k gold vermeil

Sterling Silver Long Necklace with Oblong Helios Pendant

in Sterling Silver 

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