How to Remove Tarnish From Sterling Silver Jewelry

Video: How to remove tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry using common household items by Corey Egan

Here is my favorite method for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry at home. It's gentle on textured finishes and great for getting into the tight spaces between chain links without scrubbing. 


  • Hot Water - 2 cups
  • Pyrex Dish
  • Baking Soda - 1/3 cup
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Aluminum Foil


Line the pyrex dish with a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side up. Each time you repeat this process you will need to use a new piece of aluminum foil.


Lay your jewelry on top of the aluminum foil. Arrange the pieces so they don't overlap and make as much contact as possible with the foil. 


Add the baking soda to the hot water and stir. Careful as it will bubble up. Then add in the salt and gently stir again.


Pour the mixture over your jewelry in the aluminum foil lined dish. Bubbles will form on the surface of your jewelry as the chemical reaction takes place. When the water cools to room temperature you can remove your jewelry and give it a good rinse.

Your jewelry is ready to wear and enjoy!


  • Soft and porous gemstones (such as turquoise or amber)
  • Gems which may be glued in place (such as pearls)
  • Oxidized silver finishes 

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