Mother's Day Gift Guide - 2019

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2019

This year we asked our fans & real-life mothers what piece of Corey Egan Jewelry they would love to receive for Mother’s Day. The responses were fantastic!

From our pool of contestants, we selected one winner to receive the piece she selected. The winner was Bessie M. of Livonia, MI! She selected the rose gold and diamond stud earrings below. 

 Rose Gold and Diamond Droplet Studs

Rose Gold Droplet Earrings

Here's what Bessie had to say: 

"I love the simplicity of them and how they would go with everything I wear! While I normally love drop earrings, they're not always practical (especially when you have a grabby baby on your hip!) since becoming a mom I've gravitated toward studs but have yet to get a nice pair of diamond studs. "

We had SO MANY fantastic entries this year. Here are another dozen great items our Mothers selected, and their thoughts on why they would make a perfect gift. Gold Aspen Stud Earrings

Aspen Stud Earrings

Selected By Anna of Lewisburg, WV

“I love Aspen Trees. For the past decade, I've gone to a retreat center in Wyoming for a week each summer and always look forward to having some time to sit, watch, and listen to the aspen leaves in the wind. They sparkle and sing like no other leaf or tree I've ever seen, and I love that all of the Aspen trees in an area might be one tree- clones of the one tree. I've loved aspens for a long time, so it seemed providential that when we started looking for a rescue dog about 6 years ago, the one that we found (that found us) was named Aspen. We didn't change her name when she joined our family... I've been visiting your site for years but have never splurged on these earrings. They aren't anything I 'need,' but I enjoy wearing jewelry that evokes such strong memories.”

also selected by Kristen M. of San Francisco, CA for her sister

“They are lightweight and a great pop of style for a new and sleep deprived mom!”


Gold Tiny Fragment on Oxidized Silver Chain

Gold and Oxidized Silver Tiny Fragment Necklace

Selected by Bria C. of San Rafael, CA

“It’s edgy and classic at the same time, perfect for any occasion. I have admired all of the Fragment pieces since I first started following your work!”


Deco Dagger Necklace

Deco Dagger Necklace

Selected by Holly A. of Brownstown, MI

“I love the sci-fi and elemental feel to this piece. Like it’s tough and elegant all at the same time”


Hexagon Black Garnet Sutro Ring

Hexagon Black Garnet Sutro Ring

Selected by Rebecca W. of San Francisco, CA

“I love the juxtaposition of the black hexagonal shape on the shiny silver band. I love the modern by tat the same time Art Deco look of the ring!”


Silver Nimbus Necklace

The Nimbus Necklace

Bethany T. of New Boston, MI

“I love the simplicity of the design and it speaks so deeply to me. There is something about it that speaks of the circle of life in a sense with the stone at the center, to me, represents coming back to your core being. Absolutely beautiful!”


Five Corona Diamond Necklace
Five Corona Necklace

Selected by Allison M. of Pleasant Hill, CA

I love that there’s a little sparkle but it’s not overstated. It’s a perfect everyday piece and will go with everything. The necklace isn’t sterile/perfect looking. It looks natural, unique and you can tell its created by hands.

Silver Faceted Denali Bangle
Silver Denali Bangle

Selected by Michelle, B. Kirkland, WA

“I love that it's a style you could put on and forget about it. It would look. Ice on its own or layered with other bracelets.”

also selected by Liz O. of Oakland, CA

"It's elegant but also substantial. Feels like it could be stacked or solo. Love it."

Gold Spark Studs

Gold Spark Studs

Selected by Jenny D. of Atlanta, GA

"They are perfect- perfect size, shape, perfect for everyday and perfectly sized so that tiny baby hands can't grab them."

Engraved Halo Stud Earrings

Silver and Diamond Aurora Studs

Jessica F. of South Lyon, MI

“I wear silver studs every day, but these would add some sparkle and interest to my look!”

Opal Gold Cabochon Studs

Opal Gold Cabochon Studs

Maria G, of Sioux Falls, SD

“The colors and textures are beautiful!”

Two Tone Long Fragment Ring
Three Diamond Oxidized Silver and Yellow Gold Long Fragment Ring

Vivian D. of Sao Paolo, Brazil

I really like the dimension of it. The angles and color are just perfect. I love when geometry meets design and I think it was just perfect in this ring.



Gold and Diamond Flash Necklace
Gold Flash Necklace

Selected by Alyssa D. of Minneapolis, MN

“Classic but unique and I’m obsessed with gold!”

Nova Silver Diamond RIng

Nova Silver and Diamond Ring

Ilene K. of Madison WI

“It's so classy, beautiful and perfect everyday piece that I want on my ring finger”

also selected by Christine of Jacksonville, FL

"It's beautiful and would be perfect for everyday wear. I’m an Aries and one of three girls. It reminds me of my sisters and I. As a plus, as I’m not married, it would stand alone and stand out."


Gold Aura Ring
Gold Aura Ring

Selected by Vanessa B. of Sonoma, CA

“The simple beauty of its shape fits my style perfectly”

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