New Soleil Signet Rings

Introducing the newest rings of the Lumens Collection: the Soleil Signets!

After a few months of creating the prototypes I'm excited to reveal these brand new rings! Two shapes, oval and square, feature the signature sunburst carved motif you've come to know and love from Lumens. I also offer two variations of each ring. In one, the sunburst encircles a recycled white diamond. In the other, it radiates outward from a single silver bead. You don't need a diamond for this ring to be a stunner, but a little sparkle never hurt anyone either! 

Watch the video above for a closer looks, or hop right down to the links below to explore them more in depth. 


Oval silver sunburst large signet ring with a diamond center
Oval Silver Sunburst Signet Ring with a silver bead center


Square silver sunburst signet ring with a diamond center
Square Silver sunburst signet ring