Nova and Lucia Bracelets: Live Try-On


The best bracelet stacks celebrate the mixture of different shapes and textures together. If you're bored with your usual bangle stack, I dare you to get a little funky and mix in one of these hinged or linked styles. 

The Nova bracelet is easy to put on and take off. It's a great option for folks whose hand bones have a hard time squeezing through bangles. Its oval shape is comfy and the diamond bar glistens across the top. 

The Lucia diamond bracelet is a classic linked style that's so low profile you'll forget it's there. It hugs around the wrist and, if you choose the diamond version, you can enjoy some sparkle in center of each sunburst all the way around. Every time I put it on I think to myself, "I gotta design more linked styles!"

Watch the video above for a quick overview of each. Click below for more info on each style. 


Nova Bracelet

Lucia Bracelet