Retailer Spotlight: Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley

Retailer Spotlight: Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley

Gallery of Jewels of San Francisco was founded in 1990 by husband & wife entrepreneurial owners Bill Hoover and Dona Taylor. What began as a small shoestring operation with only 3 designers has since expanded into two unique galleries in Noe Valley and Pacific Heights showcasing the work of over 100 talented artists, with a team of 15 dedicated employees. The Gallery of Jewels mission has remained the same since its inception: build a strong artistic community, support those artists to the fullest, and bring quality jewelry to their clientele.

Gallery of Jewels and I go way back. Back in 2010, before I officially launched my own jewelry collection, I worked for Gallery of Jewels at their Pacific Heights location. I was selling jewelry from designers I greatly admired and learning that there's a customer out there for every style and price point.

What I love about Gallery of Jewels is how each gallery is shaped by its neighborhood. The trends, sights, and community at each location has a different look and feel, so visiting both GOJ locations should be on every tourist's to-do list.  

Today I'd like to dive into their Noe Valley location on 24th Street.  I spoke with Senior Manager Jen Rose to find out more.  

What compelled Gallery of Jewels to open a store? 

Dona was struggling to build to her wholesale line of costume jewelry “Ornaments by Dona”. She hit the streets to sell her jewelry, but we knew there had to be a better way. How to increase sales and help other local artists as well? Open a retail gallery!

Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley in San Francisco

Describe the customer who frequents this Gallery of Jewels location. What are they on the hunt for?

Good question. That’s why we carry such a wide variety of styles and price points! Our customers are always looking for something unique and special that makes them smile. 

In Noe Valley, we work with many families with multiple generations of shoppers. There’s always something to celebrate and we’ll help commemorate their milestones with beautiful baubles.

What requests or trends are you sensing right now?

    Right now our Noe Valley customers are feeling drawn to delicate, feather-light jewelry to add punctuation to an outfit but don’t tell the whole story. For an everyday modern & minimalist look, simplicity is key - a single strand necklace or a dainty pendant that just grazes the collarbone in an elegant and understated way. For the ears, the trend of wearing multiple teeny tiny stud earrings, often mismatched, has continued to grow. Many of our customers have added second and third piercings to their ears, worn in a line up the ear and beyond the earlobe.

    Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley in San Francisco

    How many designers do you carry?

      We are 100% jewelry, with 100+ designers featured through our two galleries.

      What is interesting about the Noe Valley neighborhood in San Francisco?

      Noe Valley is a quaint and quiet little neighborhood whose heart is located along 24th Street where intriguing mom and pop shops thrive, attracting a laid-back crowd complete with moms and their tots, dogs and their owners, and couples strolling hand in hand. The perfect daytime destination for casual shopping at a unique boutique or for scoring fresh vegetables at the local farmer’s market or for sipping coffee at one of our many cafes. 

      Corey Egan Jewelry at Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley in San Francisco

      Do you have a favorite place for a meal or coffee nearby?

        We have so many coffee shops in both neighborhoods, one could do a “coffee crawl”! In Noe, we have the Noe Valley Bakery, Philz, La Boulangerie, Starbucks, Martha & Bros, and Bernie’s.

        For meals in Noe, we are big fans of Little Chihuahua for tasty burritos, Peasant Pies for lunch on the go, Holy Kitchen for some naan & curry, and Fresca for fancy Peruvian fare.  

        Corey Egan Jewelry at Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley in San Francisco

        Corey Egan Jewelry on display at Noe Valley Gallery of Jewels

        Is your store a part of any local organizations or charities? 

          The Noe Valley Merchants Association, where GOJ helps produce popular street festivals including the Noe Valley Wine Walk and a Rural Hay Ride with Bergeron thoroughbred horses and a Calistoga wagon. 

           Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley in San Francisco

          If were in the neighborhood, what’s not to miss?

          There are two boutiques in Noe Valley that we are especially fond of - When Modern Was and Mary’s Exchange. The former is owned and operated by our very own Dona Taylor, showcasing an unusual and intriguing variety of repurposed and contemporary furniture and home accessories. The latter is a consignment shop selling pre-owned contemporary designer clothing, handbags, accessories at an affordable price.

          Find out more about Gallery of Jewels on their website or follow them on instagram! 

          Retailer Spotlight: Gallery of Jewels Noe Valley