Corey's Seven Days of Jewelry Looks

If you could wear anything from my collection, what would you reach for? 

In my twenties, I worked at a jewelry store. It was my favorite ritual to comb through the cases and decide what I would "model" each day. Even with so many pieces at my fingertips, I was guilty of playing favorites. I would revisit those same items week after week.

It's not that different with my own collection, it seems.

For this article, I brought back that ritual. I styled and documented my jewelry look every day for a week. Having this wide assortment to choose from was helpful as I built each look around the day's outfit and activities. But, as I am known to do, I returned time and again to my staples.

One thing's for sure– taking a moment to style my look boosted my mood and confidence each day. I felt a little jolt of joy each time I caught my own reflection. That's the power of a good piece of jewelry!


  1. Vermeil Flash Necklace
  2. Vermeil Large Helios Drops
  3. 14K Yellow Gold Nova Ring
  4. Astra Gold Ring with Salt & Pepper Diamond
  5. Bronze Ebb Cuff

An easygoing Sunday. I have a photoshoot this week and needed to shop for the wardrobe. I brought my husband and toddler son along and then treated them to a lunch date.



  1. Silver Medium Helios Necklace
  2. Large Lucia Silver Dangle Earrings
  3. Oval Soleil Signet with Diamond
  4. Aura Diamond Cuff in Silver

A little studio time in the morning, then off to San Francisco for the afternoon. I ran a few jewelry errands downtown and ended the day at a dentist appointment.


  1. Yellow Gold Small Wisp Moon Necklace
  2. Gold and Diamond Nimbus Dangles
  3. Bronze Aura Cuff

It's Photoshoot Day! To be honest, I changed looks a few times throughout the day as I took jewelry on and off of our model. It slipped my mind to take my daily photo until we were putting away the photo gear. Cera snapped this picture of where my jewelry look ended up. 


  1. Vermeil and Diamond Crystal Fragment Necklace
  2. Vermeil and Diamond Tiny Fragment Studs
  3. Bronze Aura Cuff

Did I mention we were also launching a brand new batch of gemstone jewelry this week? Its true! So I hopped on instagram live for "Workshop Wednesday" and gave viewers a sneek peek at the pieces we were releasing that Sunday. It was fun seeing people's reactions, I think I'll do it before the next launch too.


  1. Gold and Diamond Nimbus Necklace
  2. 14KY Gold Denali Hoop Earrings
  3. Princess Cut Diamond Aurora Gold Stud Earrings
  4. Bronze Aura Cuff

Some days I've just gotta toss my hair up and get my hands dirty. I spent this day at the workbench completing a handful of pieces that needed to ship before the weekend. 


  1. Small Aurora Birthstone Necklace in Gold and Diamond
  2. Gold and Diamond Icarus Necklace
  3. 14K Yellow Gold Nova Ring
  4. Astra Gold Signet with Engraved Block Letter
  5. Gold and 2mm diamond Aurora studs - *New* Coming Soon
  6. Yellow Gold and Diamond Micro Fragment Stud Earrings
  7. Bronze Ebb Cuff

In February we bought a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. Every few weeks we travel up there to get a little more settled. I took this Friday off so we could meet with a few repairmen and receive furniture deliveries. We ended the day catching up with friends over a pasta dinner at their home. It was fun watching all our kiddos play. 


  1. Silver Wave hoops
  2. Silver Luminous Bar Necklace
  3. Silver Beacon Band
  4. Silver Ebb Cuff

Another day in Tahoe. I split my time between assembling furniture and chasing an active toddler. While he napped, I read a book by the fireplace. That evening I met up with a friend and fellow jeweler, Aimee Rivka, for a sushi dinner in town.  


  1. Gold Borealis Necklace
  2. Gold Wishbone Stud Earrings
  3. Yellow Gold and Diamond Micro Fragment Stud Earrings
  4. Bronze Ebb Cuff

Technically, this is the 8th day of my jewelry style challenge. But... it's also launch day the new gemstone pieces, and that is worth documenting! I spent the morning handling sales and making sure things ran smooth. Then we packed up the house and headed back home to Oakland.


I realize the schedule of a 30-something toddler mom might not be too riveting. So, perhaps you'll tune in next time when our jeweler Cera takes the collection for her own week-long spin! Until then, I hope you love what you're wearing today. And if not... go put a piece on that makes you smile! 

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