Traveling with Jewelry

August 01, 2016

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry by Corey Egan

My summer has been filled with lots of travel, and it's had me thinking about the best practices for traveling with your jewelry. Naturally when we own incredible pieces we want to wear them for the world to see! But it’s important to take a few extra precautions to avoid loss or damage while you’re outside of your normal routine. Here's how to take care of your jewelry while you travel across the globe, or even just across town.


Tossing Jewelry in your purse? Don't forget the pouch!

Jewelry is far more likely to break when it's knocking around in the bottom of your hobo bag. Even if your jewelry is not "precious" remember that it can still be damaged. Chains can tangle, beads can crack, and earring mates can be lost forever as you dig around for your wallet and keys.
Give your jewelry a longer life by placing it it in a jewelry pouch before tossing it in your bag. 

PRO TIP: keep additional pouches in your gym bag, diaper bag — any bag you frequently carry. You never know when you'll need to store some jewelry on the go!

Jewelry Travel Tips: Don't Place Jewelry in Checked Luggage
Never Place Jewelry in Checked Luggage

The safest place for your jewelry is within your sight and on your person. Some insurance policies may not cover jewelry that’s left in your checked luggage and then lost or stolen. Keep your aforementioned travel pouch in a bag that stays with you when you travel, such as a carry-on or purse. Or better yet — wear it!

Jewelry Travel Tips: Don't Wear Jewelry to the Beach

Don't Wear Jewelry to the Beach (I Beg You)

We covered this in the previous post titled, When to Remove your Jewelry, but I'm gonna give you a few more reasons to really drive this issue home.

Your body tissues shrink when submerged in cold water, and your rings can slip off while you paddle or swim. All too often I hear tales of newlyweds who’ve lost their wedding bands during a honeymoon snorkeling session or water skiing excursion.

The beach itself — a.k.a. "the sandy abyss that will swallow your jewelry whole" — is no environment for your beloved items. It can be hopeless to find a lost earring that goes missing on the dunes. Sand is also very abrasive and can scratch your soft metals and gemstones.
I'm finding lots of uses for that travel pouch aren't I?

Jewelry Travel Tips: Research Your Destination

Research your Destination

Wearing flashy baubles or expensive jewelry can make you a target for pickpockets or thieves in certain regions. Research your destination before deciding what to pack and what to leave safely at home.

Would it Hurt Too Much to Lose? Don't Bring it With You. 

When we travel we find ourselves in new environments and outside of our normal rituals. Even the most cautious are still susceptible to forgetting or misplacing things when we’re not in our normal routine. So if it might hurt too much to lose it, don’t bring it with you!



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Tips for Traveling with Jewelry by Corey Egan