Video: Corey Egan Jewelry

July 15, 2016

Corey Egan Jewelry Video

A few months ago my husband Ryan and I finally teamed up to start a project we've been dreaming of for years: A video for Corey Egan Jewelry.

Ryan is a professional photographer and filmmaker, so one would have thought we'd have sat down to create a video sooner. After years of musing about it, we finally blocked off time on our calendar and got down to work to make it happen. We took advantage of a long weekend and spent three days capturing many hours of footage of me at work in my studio. But filming was just the first step—It took plenty of late nights and weekends over the past few months to give it the editing love it deserved.

This film is a true collaboration of our passions. While it's me that you see on camera hammering and soldering and crafting the jewelry, Ryan worked all of the filming and editing magic that brought the story to life on screen. We're proud of the work we've done together and are so excited to finally share it with you.