What my Mother-in-Law wants for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift selections from corey's mother in law. Silver jewelry laying on blue backgroundMy Mother-in-Law, Kathy, is always reminding us to take in the moment and celebrate.

When we dine out for a family member's birthday, she's the one who has packed decorations and party favors in her purse. She's the first to suggest a cute outfit for our son Finn as each holiday approaches. And she's the queen of setting a party theme and hunting down all the matching bits of flair.

Not only did Kathy raise my husband Ryan (one my favorite people on the planet!) She's also whom I credit for making him so patient and kind. Now we’ve been fortunate to have her support and encouragement as Finn grows. She reminds us often that parenting should be fun, and there’s always a reason to slow down and enjoy the little moments.

I'm willing to bet you have someone in your life like her, who makes every day an occasion to smile. And if you need help finding them a gift, Kathy's jewelry picks are just for you.  


silver long scribe post earrings

1. Silver Scribe Earrings

Stunning! I can picture these with any outfit- from a favorite tee and jean jacket to something fancier.  In the days of not going out much I find I am looking for jewelry that dresses up more casual attire. I am never with out earrings and dont feel you can ever have too many.

Silver scribe necklace

2. Silver Scribe Necklace

The matching necklace is equally stunning - just the right amount of shine to top off any outfit.

Wisp Earclimbers in silver

3. Wisp Earclimbers

These just make me smile. They are just a hint of an ear ring when you are not looking to make a statement. I do not have two holes in my ears but these make me want to.

Large Helios Hoop Earrings

4. Large Helios Hoop Earrings

Ahhh!  I am wearing these right now. They are my go to ear rings on most days. They are the perfect length. Easy on and easy off.  Just look and feel classy.

Large Silver Helios Drop Earrings

5. Large Helios Drop Earrings

These I am anxious to own. The way they dangle and would move as you move! Elegantly simple.

Silver Crystal Fragment Earrings with Diamonds

6. Silver and Diamond Crystal Fragment Earrings

I liked these earrings but once i held them in my hand I loved them. The picture captures the elegance but the feel is luxurious.  Love the facets and the diamond accents. The most complemented piece of jewelry I have ever owned.

Silver crystal fragment necklace with diamond

7. Silver and Diamond Crystal Fragment Necklace

The same feel and elegance is captured in the matching necklace. It sparkles. I do need this!

Aura diamond cuff in sterling silver

8.  Aura Cuff

Ooh! Simply gorgeous.  

Chrysoprase silver and diamond rise cluster necklace

9. Chrysoprase Rise Cluster Necklace

Love the look, the design, the size and the charm accent. A necklace finishes off an outfit and this one would look awesome after a day in the sand for an evening of celebration. The blue gives off an ocean vibe. Anxious for the opportunity to enjoy a day in the sand followed by a night on the town. Hawaii anyone?



silver denali bangle

silver thin denali bangle

10. Denali Bangle
11. Thin Denali Bangle 

I’ll take a stack of these ...the only thing better than one bracelet is more and more. Love the weight, the richness, the look.  

Initial Pendants in silver with engraved block letter

12. Engraved Initial Pendant

Another one of my  favorite go to pieces for everyday wear. Love that it was a gift but also because it has the right amount of sparkle for a little something on the neck. Light -easy to forget you have it on.

Mozambique garnet rose cut gemstone ring in silver

13. Mozambique Garnet Silver Ring 

Yes please! So rich looking. Easy way to make a statement with one single piece of jewelry.

 Kathy and baby Finn

Kathy with our son Finn at 5 months

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