Mother's Day Picks by Corey's Mom

What my mother wants for Mother's Day

This year I gained an appreciation for my mother, Shannon, that’s getting deeper every day. This reckoning happened because, in my mid-thirties, I finally had a child of my own. I'm just now realizing how much she did to be present for her kids while also juggling her own work and life challenges.

Even in the easiest of cases, being a parent is still hard. I was lucky to be blissfully naive about how much time and effort my Mom was putting in, and how much she was having to figure out along the way. After this first year of raising my son, let's just say my eyes have been opened. 

It should come as no surprise that my mother is also my biggest fan. She nurtured my love of art from a young age by making sure I could attend art lessons after school, and as a result, she's ended up with quite a collection of my artwork. Lucky for her, she’s also a big fan of jewelry. So each year, as I convince her it's okay to remove some of my high school art from her walls, I gift her a few more pieces of jewelry too.

This spring I turned her loose on my inventory and asked her to gather her favorite items to suggest for Mother’s Day. She immediately picked up the things on her current wishlist. (She’s always happy to drop a few hints on what she’d like next!) But, she also included favorites from her own collection.

The result? She did not pick the pieces I expected! That’s why I love getting her feedback. She always suggests something I didn’t consider. So, in addition to gathering her favorites, I asked her to tell me why she picked each piece. I hope you enjoy reading my interview with her, below.

1. Luminous bar necklace in Vermeil

This is very elegant, very stylish. Great for an evening out.

2. Lucia statement necklace

It's a very fun piece with all the little dangles. It just… It makes me smile. It’s a fun one. The movement makes it fun.

3. Denali Bangle

When I first looked at it I thought, “Oh, that’s awfully small. It’ll never fit on my wrist. Then I tried it on. And it looks really good on my wrist! It looks very strong. I’m not a dainty woman and never have been, so most of the stuff I am attracted to is not necessarily dainty but sturdy. This is stylish and graceful.

4. Prism Lariat

This one! I think it looks fancy. It looks like I’m ready to step out in something dressy. It just makes me feel good! I’ve got the earrings to go with it next.

5. Lumens Eye Earrings

I love the way they match the center piece of the prism Lariat. And that the dangles flip around as you shake your head.

6. Square Silver Soleil Signet Ring

This ring I love. I love to wear rings. It’s something that I could wear every day and not have to worry about a gemstone getting knocked or scratched. But it looks very pretty when it’s on.

7. Oxidized silver tiny fragment studs with diamonds

I love oxidized jewelry! I just think it’s very unique and I love the necklaces and earrings I already have that are oxidized. The shape is very different and original.

8. Morph Hoops in Gold

I think these are kind of a classic shape but they are substantial. They’re not dainty. When you wear them you can feel that you have them on. And I just think they are beautiful. I love the shape.

9. Small Helios Hoops in Silver

I love the way that they attach to the ear, the way that they hinge closed and are easy to take on and off. I already own a pair of these. They’re easygoing— I’ve slept in them! They look great with my casual clothes but I can dress them up too.

10. Aspen Studs in Vermeil

These are kind of unusual for me, because they are one of the few dainty pairs that I wear. They’re a pair I can wear everyday and I can also sleep in these comfortably. The leaf shape is different and I find them pretty.

11. Spark Studs

I own these. I’m wearing them now!

Corey here— She’s been wearing them for weeks on end. That lets me know they are a keeper.

Yes! Definitely. I like the shape, I like the way they sit on my ear and the way they look. I can wear them with anything.

12. Silver Flux Dangle Earrings

I like dangle earrings if I’m wearing something other than just a T-Shirt and jeans. I own these already too! I like to put on something that says “I took a little time to make myself look nice.” I think these are beautiful earrings. Again, they’re not a dainty earring, but they are a pair I am very comfortable wearing.

Corey: Tell me about those last two you are taking home.

13. Vermeil Crystal Fragment Earrings, and
14. Vermeil Crystal Fragment Necklace with a diamond

This is a new shape! I like the style of it and the feel of it. If I’m wearing a necklace I like to wear dangle earrings instead of studs. I think it looks more dressy if your necklace matches your earrings and the earrings dangle.


Corey with her mother, Shannon and son, Finn. 

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