Why You Should Purchase Products from Brick and Mortar Shops

Why you should purchase products from brick and mortar shops by Corey Egan

There’s a trend that’s picking up steam lately, and I’ve heard the story from retailers and customers alike: The customers visit a shop and are delighted by the products and selection. They peruse the shelves and try a few things on. They fall in love with something special. But ultimately they head home... to purchase from the maker online.

These shoppers often have good intentions. They feel they are doing the noble thing by seeking out the artist to buy direct. They’re “supporting the artist!” And it’s so very kind of them to consider our well-being. 

But today, I’d like to share a few reasons why buying our products right from those brick and mortar shops IS a great way to support the artist. And though you may not realize it, It’s supporting your local community too. Let’s take a moment to explore how these shops help us both. 

My Retailers shine a spotlight on my products

My brick and mortar shops put so much love into promoting and selling my jewelry collection. And between you and me, I probably worked quite hard to get my jewelry there! We artists are honored when a store chooses to showcase our work.

Once my products are on their shelves, the trained sales staff introduce my work to their clientele and new buyers. They merchandise my collection, making sure it looks its very best and is paired with complimentary pieces. They also spend their hard-earned marketing resources to broadcast my work to their community. 

Brick and mortars make physical products available for you to touch, see, and experience as you decide which piece is right for you.

Retailers are sharing their gift of expertise with you

What makes visiting a stellar brick and mortar store special is the sense of discovery as you shop around. Every item was researched and selected by their talented buyers. They seek out new designers and trends and make them available to you. They truly are the tastemakers. 

The staff of these local shops are experts in their products. They know the right sizes to suggest and which pieces to style with your wardrobe. They're your resource for an honest opinion and they can help if you have questions or concerns before your purchase. A human interaction is worth its weight in gold!

Brick and Mortar shops add color and culture to our neighborhoods 

As I described these friendly, trendsetting stores, your mind probably conjured up an image of your favorite local shop. 

When you think of any city - be it San Francisco or New Orleans, Asheville or Austin -  you can probably agree that it owes much of its charm to the diverse stores that populate the neighborhoods. Whatever your mood or flavor, there's a shop that is the perfect fit for you. 

Could you imagine how bland the shopping landscape would be if brick and mortars disappeared from our neighborhoods?

But aren't they... the middle man?

It's true that retailers make money from each sale of an artist’s work.

But, here's the deal:  Do you see that list of benefits I laid out to you above? That is so worth the portion of each sale they keep. 

We're in a relationship, and it's a good one.

I want your community to have fantastically curated shops filled with helpful staff. 
As an artist, I want the chance to reach new fans who celebrate and support their local retailers/shops.  
And most of all, I want you to feel good about the retail therapy you're indulging in. 

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