Wolf Sophia Zip Case Review

This October I jetted off for a long weekend in Montreal. I visited in time for some changing leaves, chunky sweaters, and just the right amount of autumnal drizzle. Wolf, maker of fine jewelry cases and travel accessories, had sent me a Sophia Zip Case to try out, and this quick getaway was the perfect opportunity.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan JewelryWolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

I was impressed with its quality from the moment I removed the Sophia case from its box. The whole case felt luxe. The leather was crisp and the zippers were sturdy. The interior lining felt like suede but is actually their patented LusterLoc™ material. It absorbs airborne gasses that cause tarnishing.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

Inside, I discovered the case had the perfect amount of storage for a week-long trip. It had enough space for a few costume changes.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

What it will fit:

  • Space for about 6 rings in ring slots
  • 3 individual compartments for necklaces or earrings
  • Center compartment with a friction fit lid, good for small studs or charms
  • Space around the center compartment for bracelets, watches, or larger necklaces

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

I loaded up a few of my jewelry essentials: My daily rings, a pair of studs, a few dangles and necklaces. I popped the zippered case into my backpack, grabbed my passport, and headed to the airport.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

When you’re traveling with jewelry, it should never go in your checked luggage or your roller bag. Even if that roller bag is one you intend to bring on the plane, you’re sometimes forced to check it on the jetway.

This happened as I was boarding my connecting flight. The plane was tiny, and only purses and backpacks were allowed on board. The Sophia case would have fit into either of these options. I slid my backpack under the seat in front of me and enjoyed the short flight.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

Upon arriving in Montreal, I learned what I didn’t love about this case. I opened my bag at the hotel, and it became clear that this case needed to be kept upright. The inner compartment dividers don’t extend all the way to the lid when it’s closed. They leave a gap just wide enough for things to slide out of their compartments when tilted sideways. Which is exactly what happened as I slid my backpack under the plane seat.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

Now I had to untangle chains before I could change my jewelry for dinner. Bummer.

With the underside of the case lid so blank, I wondered why they didn’t use the same design solution as on the Caroline Zip Case. In this model, the lid has hooks for necklace storage, and a fold-down mirrored panel acts as a divider. It seals off the lower compartments when it’s zipped closed. This would solve my complaint about the Sophia case, and give me more necklace storage too.

Wolf Sophia Zip Case with Corey Egan Jewelry

Overall, it’s an exceptionally crafted travel case. Its quality feels like the right way to honor the jewelry I take everywhere, whether it’s high end or simply sentimental. It gave me a safe and treasured place to rest my pieces each night without worry that I’d accidentally leave an earring by the sink. I look forward to taking it along on all my future trips.


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