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Engagement Rings

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Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Explore the unique charm of antique diamonds in our modern engagement rings. Antique diamonds are an ethical choice because no new mining was used to procure them. We think you’ll enjoy their undeniable character and facets that were cut to dazzle even in low-light conditions.

Montana Sapphire Engagement Rings

Montana sapphires are the darling child of American mined-gems. They are revered for their rich dazzling color and hardness, making them excellent candidates for alternative engagement rings.

Engraved Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings with a touch of engraving that add a little je ne sais quoi. Engraved lines enhance the beauty of colorful sapphires and ethically sourced diamonds, while adding a touch of personality and sparkle to each piece.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

The curious charm of salt and pepper diamonds come from the fact that no two are identical. Each has inclusions as unique as a fingerprint. Also known as ice or galaxy diamonds, these gems range from opaque to translucent to nearly transparent. Due to their hardness they are excellent candidates for engagement rings.