You are
The Curator

Jewelry is all about craftsmanship for you! You collect and appreciate jewelry like mini works of art. Every piece you own is a reflection of your refined taste.


You think of fine jewelry as timeless. The combination of precious materials and artistry (especially when hand-carved) result in a treasure that takes on rich meaning as it’s enjoyed for generations.


You love how your jewelry makes you feel polished and effortlessly elegant. When you catch a flash of your gold bracelet or a glint from your diamond ring out of the corner of your eye, you can’t help but smile with satisfaction. Compliments from others are always nice, but you wear jewelry more for yourself.


Your jewelry taste, like your fashion and décor taste, is narrow and specific. Over the years, you’ve collected a variety of textures, stones and silhouettes, many of which you wear daily. Typically, you’re sporting five to ten pieces at a time, but nothing that’s too gaudy or so minimalist that it’s unnoticeable. For instance, you might balance a substantial statement cuff with a petite link bracelet on the same wrist.


You’re incredibly intentional about the jewelry you buy and are drawn towards pieces that fill a hole in your collection. You tend to favor limited-edition designs from small shops over big-brand offerings. And when you find a piece that speaks to you, you take your time deciding. It’s important to you that the cocktail ring or pendant necklace is something you will cherish forever.

“As someone who values the craftsmanship of jewelry, I thought you’d enjoy my pieces that require a lot of carving, setting and polishing by hand. And I know you have specific taste, so if you’d like to change out a stone or metal type, just let me know!”

– Corey Egan, Founder & Designer

Styling Tips for the Curator

You feel like you have a great eye for jewelry styling but tend to not experiment for months at a time after you find a pairing you like. With that in mind, I put together a few tips below catered to The Curator in you.

My hope is that these suggestions inspire you to experiment with your accessories in new ways. If you discover a gorgeous jewelry combination you might not have tried otherwise, that would be a complete win!


You can keep your accessories looking balanced and interesting by paying attention to the size of each piece and its relationship to others. For instance, pairing a chunky cuff bracelet with a dainty pendant necklace can create a pleasant visual harmony. You can even do this with the same category of jewelry, like wearing a thin, stackable ring on your middle finger and an oversized gemstone cocktail ring on your pointer. Think of yourself as an architect or painter as you play with the proportion and scale of your jewelry.

Play with Scale


The rule of sticking to all gold or all silver jewelry is no more. And thank goodness! It was too restricting. Now, you can mix metals all over the place. Think: a gold pendant on a silver chain, a ring stack featuring yellow and rose gold, or a wrist full of silver bracelets next to a scattering of gold and silver rings. You’ll find that the metal-pairing options are endless and so much fun to explore.

Browse Two-Tones


You might be in love with the smooth shine of polished jewelry or how the ridges of etched pieces always catch the light but do you ever pair the two together? If not, I invite you to give it a try! Jewelry can come in so many interesting textures: matte, polished, hammered, faceted, etched. But, it’s not until you start mixing them that you really see the beauty of contrasting texture come to life.