You are
The Maximalist

Jewelry is all about pizazz for you!
You collect big and bright statement pieces that attract attention and show off your personality. Your accessorizing Motto: More is more!


Every day is a new opportunity to mix and match pieces and create wearable art in your eyes. Layering bangles and necklaces, stacking rings, and selecting earrings is a process that’s embedded into your morning routine and one that brings you immeasurable joy.


When you’re walking down the street, you want people to notice. Whether they like your style or not makes no difference to you, but if a conversation starts because of your jewelry, all the better!


You don’t leave your home until you’re dripping in jewelry. Work, the grocery store, a lunch date, you name it, you’re rocking at least ten different pieces and loads of layers. You’re not afraid to mix fine solid gold jewelry with big, chunky gemstone works. Anything in your jewelry box can be paired together; it’s just a matter of playing with pieces until the blend of colors and textures creates that “wow” effect.


Shopping for new pieces is easy because there’s always more room in your collection (and on your body, for that matter). Like an abstract painter choosing paint colors, you think, “Might as well grab ‘em all. You never know what it could create!”

“As a lover of all things bold and eye-catching, I thought you might enjoy adding one or two of my more stately pieces into your rotation.”

– Corey Egan, Founder & Designer

Styling Tips for the Maximalist

You layer and stack necklaces, rings, and bracelets every day, which means you’re always on the lookout for new pairings to try. With that in mind, I put together a few tips below catered to The Maximalist in you.

My hope is that these suggestions inspire you to experiment with your accessories in new ways. If you discover a gorgeous jewelry combination you might not have tried otherwise, that would be a complete win!


You can keep your accessories looking balanced and interesting by paying attention to the size of each piece and its relationship to others. For instance, pairing a chunky cuff bracelet with a dainty pendant necklace can create a pleasant visual harmony. You can even do this with the same category of jewelry, like wearing a thin, stackable ring on your middle finger and an oversized gemstone cocktail ring on your pointer. Think of yourself as an architect or painter as you play with the proportion and scale of your jewelry.

Play with Scale


The rule of sticking to all gold or all silver jewelry is no more. And thank goodness! It was too restricting. Now, you can mix metals all over the place. Think: a gold pendant on a silver chain, a ring stack featuring yellow and rose gold, or a wrist full of silver bracelets next to a scattering of gold and silver rings. You’ll find that the metal-pairing options are endless and so much fun to explore.

Browse Two-Tones

Cater to your Clothing

It’s all about the neckline! Choosing the right necklace(s) for your outfit starts with the top of your top. Is it a scoop neck? Go for a minimalist chain, statement chain, or bar necklace. Slipped on a v-neck? Select a pendant or lariat necklace. With these necklines, you can think of the fabric as a frame for your necklace, paralleling its shape with a couple inches of breathing room. Finally, if you’re wearing a boat or crew neckline, you can choose any style of necklace, but a good portion of the piece should lay on top of the fabric, so it doesn’t get hidden.

Think Necklines