You are
The Sentimentalist

Jewelry is all about meaning for you!
You collect pieces that symbolize something, whether past, present or future. pieces that bring you joy every time you put them on.


You have a special connection to every piece you own. Each one represents a goal reached, a positive mindset you want to have or an important person in your life. The contents of your jewelry box are full of fond memories and feelings of accomplishment, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


It’s important to you that when people ask about your jewelry, you have a story to share. For instance, a charm necklace of pendants engraved with your grandchildren’s initials lets you talk about them. A gorgeous gemstone ring with your husband’s birthstone allows you to share about your relationship. Or, a gift to yourself that marks the mastery of a new skill or the start of retirement lets you talk about that milestone. These all help start the rich and meaningful conversations that you live for.


Your pieces are more meaningful than fashionable, so you are happy wearing them with anything. Styling is simple because you never really take them off.


As a collector of meaningful jewelry, you have trouble simply going out shopping for new pieces. Before you even start looking, you usually have a purpose in mind. Selecting jewelry this way means that your collection grows slowly over time, but that’s okay. You choose fine pieces with an heirloom quality because you envision a future of them getting passed down and cherished for years to come.

“For The Sentimentalist in you, I chose a few of my favorite customizable pieces. You can swap out birthstones and personalize them with engravings to help achieve that special meaning.”

– Corey Egan, Founder & Designer

Styling Tips for the Sentimentalist

Every piece of jewelry you own has a unique look, feel, and meaning, which makes them all incredibly special, but sometimes tricky to style. With that in mind, I put together a few tips below catered to The Sentimentalist in you.

My hope is that these suggestions inspire you to experiment with your accessories in new ways. If you discover a gorgeous jewelry combination you might not have tried otherwise, that would be a complete win!


Layering is not the art of wearing everything in your jewelry box at once (though some might disagree). It’s more about carefully selecting complementary pieces that, together, achieve a cohesive look with alluring depth. When layering necklaces, choose varying lengths and a mix of pendants and chains. For rings, select a range of sizes, textures, and shapes. For bracelets, don’t be afraid to mix styles like bangle, cuff, and link. It depends on the number of holes you have for earrings, but a good rule of thumb is to wear the largest earring in the hole closest to your face and style from there.

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The rule of sticking to all gold or all silver jewelry is no more. And thank goodness! It was too restricting. Now, you can mix metals all over the place. Think: a gold pendant on a silver chain, a ring stack featuring yellow and rose gold, or a wrist full of silver bracelets next to a scattering of gold and silver rings. You’ll find that the metal-pairing options are endless and so much fun to explore.

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Cater to your Clothing

It’s all about the neckline! Choosing the right necklace(s) for your outfit starts with the top of your top. Is it a scoop neck? Go for a minimalist chain, statement chain, or bar necklace. Slipped on a v-neck? Select a pendant or lariat necklace. With these necklines, you can think of the fabric as a frame for your necklace, paralleling its shape with a couple inches of breathing room. Finally, if you’re wearing a boat or crew neckline, you can choose any style of necklace, but a good portion of the piece should lay on top of the fabric, so it doesn’t get hidden.

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