Custom Design 2018


Starting spring of 2018, I am taking an indefinite hiatus from fully custom designed jewelry. Read more about this decision here. 
You may still request a customized version of any jewelry currently featured on my site. Please note that they can be only slight variation from my current styles. 



  • My design in other metals or surface textures
  • My design for other stone shapes
  • My design with a different band width
  • My design with alternate gemstones or a different size/number of accent stones (but only diamond, sapphire, opaque diamond)
  • My design with alterations to stack next to other rings


  • Any project requiring artist renderings for your approval
  • A ring from your own drawing
  • A ring inspired by images you’ve found on the internet



Curious if your project fits the bill? Submit a design inquiry below and I'll let you know if it's possible.